How do I generate and take the right ideas forward for my organisation?

Posted 26th December 2019

It is not uncommon to observe organisations having similar problems when it comes to which ideas to take forward. This typically results in one of two outcomes;

  1. They are too late to the party and the opportunity is missed, or

  2. They have pursued the wrong ideas before realising it is not the right one at great cost

Organisations need to be able to respond quickly to the ever changing markets to remain current and sustainable.  Taking some of the lean and agile principles, we have developed an “Ideas Funnel Framework” (IFF) to try and help organisations identify and progress the right ideas.

The Framework

The ideas funnel framework is a method to support organisations to identify and develop business ideas, and enable their progression to best suit customers, the organisation’s vision and objectives. The framework adopts “lean” principles that support the identification of opportunities quickly along with their likelihood of success.  This in turn, supports effective prioritisation.  Using this framework leads to the selection of opportunities where hypotheses and assumptions can be tested. This should result in your organisation only progressing opportunities that meet pre-agreed criteria relating to customers, capital returns and business risk.

Want to know more?

Please get in touch for information about the framework and how it could support your organisation.

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