Charlie Symonds

Co-Founder and Director

Charlie is our Managing Director. Before founding The Analysts, he spent over 15 years working on numerous change and technology Programmes. 

Charlie’s key strength is bridging the gap between business and technology. Ensuring organisations embrace the digital era by working on successful adoption strategies, road maps and developing the right operating models to support their business model.

When he’s not working or with his young family, Charlie is outdoors. Rock climbing, paddle boarding, and climbing mountains.

Ben Crockford

Co-Founder and Director

Ben Crockford is our Finance Director and Data Principal.

Ben’s background (and love) is data. He’s worked across financial services for over 20 years and has that unique skill of making sense of data from a business perspective. Whether it is insights, analytics or data migrations, Ben’s experience and understanding is invaluable. 

Ben has worked in the financial services sector since 1996 and, along with Charlie Symonds, is a founder member of The Analysts.

When he’s not working, Ben does triathlons, plays drums and walks his dogs.

Lawrence Gosset

Lead Developer

Lawrence is our Lead Developer for in house projects and works with us to build out our own products and back-end infrastructure.

By trade he's a full-stack developer and code teacher. But like's to wear as many hats as possible, slipping into whatever role is required to build great products.

He has a passion for all things digital and is passionate about creating quality applications and architectures that deliver real benefit and are sustainable.

Lawrence is a true digital nomad and showcases how we are able to operate virtually anywhere anytime.

As we went live with he had based himself temporarily in Mexico.

Clare Huggett

Executive Assistant

Clare is our Executive Assistant so basically, she’s the boss.

Clare does the work that keeps our business ticking over. She arranges our board meetings, our inboxes, monthly finances, all our administration and most important of all, she deals with our associates’ invoices.

Before joining The Analysts, Clare spent 20 years working at a senior level within financial services, including as a PA at Axa Wealth.

When she’s not working Clare is kept busy by her two daughters.

Marjan Webb-Carter

Associate - Senior Consultant & Analyst

Marjan is a results driven, adaptive Senior Business Analyst with 20 years experience in Financial Services. She has extensive experience across a diverse range of roles and businesses from small FinTech start-ups to large scale organisations. Through her career she has demonstrated successful delivery of both internal and external solutions. With a strong emphasis on delivering complex & ambiguous problem statements, structured analysis and working in rapid paced environments to aggressive timescales.

Richard Giles

Associate - Platform Specialist & Programme Delivery

Richard has over 17 years leadership experience across a range of industries in the UK, Belgium and Australia, 15 years of which has been spent in customer focused roles within the financial services industry.

His expertise spans creating exciting new propositions and teams for new businesses, proposition design, leadership, relationship management, training, sales, project management and implementation.

Peter Proctor

Associate - Programme Management & Leadership

An accomplished post graduate with 25 years’ experience of shaping and delivering change programmes  in complex stakeholder and regulatory landscapes across; Financial Services, Consumer Retail, Property and Telecommunication industries.

Peter loves a challenge and when complex change lands under his direction he looks to understand the environment, find the right solution and take his clients successfully through the transformation.

Melissa Wilkes

Business Development Consultant

Melissa is a serial entrepreneur with a background in law. 

Melissa’s job is all about communication and building partnerships.  She supports us on building lasting client relationships.

One of Melissa’s goals at The Analysts is to bring more women into tech, because it has to be said... the industry is boy-heavy.

Melissa is Matilda’s mum and is the Chair of the Parents' Association at her school. Melissa’s go-to escape from everything (including us) is fitness and yoga.

Sarah Webster

Digital Comms Manager

Sarah is our Digital and Social Communications Manager. She makes sure that we’re interesting, engaging and usefully knowledgeable on social media.

Sarah started as a business analyst at Legal & General, then took off for Thailand where she worked as an interior designer for two years.

Victoria Maxfield

Associate – Change Management and Business Psychology

Victoria is an experienced change management professional, specialising in the people side of change. With over 15 years’ experience across finance, healthcare and transport industries, she has a range of business transformation skills.

She is also accredited to use a series of psychometric tests which allow you to understand how your teams work under pressure and how to increase resilience.

Jonathan Rusca

User Experience & Product Design Lead

Jonathan loves solving complex problems with design and gets immense satisfaction from helping others do the same. With 20 years digital design experience Jonathan has worked with companies both large and small, including stints at Vodafone and Visa Europe where he led the multidisciplinary UX team. He has designed for a wide range of products and services.

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